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Firmware 2020 8.1

Further improvement has made especially around Voice control sector

Bug report

Still deploy the alarm when

  • Confirmed zone: Sentry mode active zone
  • Unlock a vehicle, then leave a distance once temporary while a passenger stays inside a car.
  • While a driver is away aprox 10 feet away, a passenger open a door, then alarm goes off

A vehicle should know where a driver is near by. A vehicle has once unlocked. There is no reason for a passenger to let a vehicle know they are still there.

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Firmware 2020.4.10

Voice keyboard has improved significantly.


TESLA voice control list

Climate control set to auto

Fan speed increase by 4

Fan speed decrease by 4

Set the temperature to 72

Enable heat seaters – turn on sear heating (all seats)

Disable heat seaters – turn off seat heating (all)

Enable floor vent

Bio weapon mode – not available yet (beta only)

Open globe box

Open rear / backup camera – activate the rear camera view window

Close backup camera – close the rear camera view

Open music

Open setting – open quick controls

Music setting – open music setting profile

Open driver profile setting

Open Wi-Fi setting

Map zoom in – navigation zooming in

Map zoom out – navigation zooming out

Navigation set to north – setting navigation to north direction

Call [contact name]

Text message

Turn on wiper.

Fold side mirrors – holding side mirrors

Open side mirrors

Open frunk – in Park ( not yet active)

Open truck – in park (beta only)

Open web browser – ready to search

Close web browser

Search [any music, podcast, caraoke]

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