TESLA Ver 7.0- (H) feature does not work properly
















ちょっとした小さい問題があっても文句いうんじゃない〜! 笑





Voice commandのボタンを押しながら「レポート」と言うとTESLA motorsへ内容をレポートしてくれる。





(H) featureについて、ある特定の環境で不都合があることがわかり報告したよ。



「レポート、 テスラモデルS テスタードライバーグループ メンバー#◯◯。」




。。。。。。っといった具合。。  笑





+++++begin reporting +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Dear Tesla

I would like to report an issue with the new firmware upgrade 7.0.  I wish TESLA design team takes this message seriously.

(H) feature (HILL HOLD) DOES NOT WORK Properly. 

  • I live on a hillside where the garage is located in perpendicular to the narrow street.
  • I have to make several wheel turns in reverse to park my TESLA at a garage – which I had no issue with.
  • Until the previous version, the vehicle (Model S) activated a full brake once I put on brake when I have to quickly switch to the accesel-paddle next to yet. Although this feature is very valuable for a less of a second,  It was very ‘convenient and trustworthy feature’ so that the vehicle DID NOT move (for a second or so) when I switch from a break paddle to a accesel-paddle.  it was also very critical for the vehicle to get as close as the adjacent parked car so that I could make a very sharp turn. Using the parking sensor, I come up until ‘STOP’ or (13”) indicator when the vehicle was approached at the very closest point.  IT WAS VERY SMART AND USEFUL FEATURE.
  • New version 7.0 introduced (H) Hill Hold feature, it works well in general setting including a flat road.  However, the car DOES NOT STOP due to the weight of the car when it is at the diagram condition above.   I trusted the (H) feature, while (H) indicator was at present,  performed exactly the same as I always park daily. However,  the (H) feature did not work, instead the vehicle moved frontward and touched a front car, and scratched the lower front spoiler (the horizontal blade) of my TESLA.  


I had to press the break and accesl-paddle (in reverse) at the same time (traditional method to park in this condition) so that the vehicle was at ‘locked position’ while the vehicle moved backward.

I had, Mercedes CL,  BMW850iL, etc to do the same.  Since TESLA does not have a side brake feature, I only had an option to put on a break and the accesel at the same time once I realized (H) did not work, or not reliable.  – It was not very safe way of operating the vehicle – which counter intuitive of the TESLA brand message.


Fortunately, the car parked in front of my garage that was also my car :(… so, I didn’t cause or hurt anyone else. The damage of my other car was relatively minor, but the lower front spoiler of TESLA was scratched, some paint got pealed off.


As much as I believe in TESLA team, I am very very disappointed about the recent incident because it was caused by a system /design error purely.  I do understand that it was (and alway is) ultimately my fault that I am not blaming on TESLA motors; however, I thought I should let everyone else know so that other believers do not trust the feature and experience the same as I did this morning with my wife and a kid.

(H) feature perhaps works under engineer’s mind and I really appreciate how hard they work.  My feeling of the new (H) feature, as I use it daily at the exact same condition,is that the parameter of the brake force got weaken comparing from the previously-working-‘Hold break’ feature, and the engineers and beta testers did not test fully before released.


As much as I love my TESLA who I enjoying driving, promoting, and taking care of it, it  really broke my heart by trusting the (H) feature worked as described.


I am trusting you to forward this message not only to the decision makers of TESLA design team, but to Elon.

Please contact me if you have any questions about my report above.  I am more than happy to describe in details so that we can improve the situation as soon as possible.



TESLA Driver Group

+++End report ++++++++++++++



See ya,


: D




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