Cyber Truck. Love & Hate. You?

Cyber Truck

From a designer’s point of view, the cybertruck design solutions are amazing. Public eye’s perspective, I am not sure the current design has executed successfully as there weren’t much explanation about it.

I can easily imagine the headline of tomorrow’s news paper will say “ugly, strange truck ever witness” But let’s remember, if anyone does anything new, people always react negative first.

What I love about Tesla design so far is that all model series (S, X, 3, and R) carry a sense of “timeless quality” to it. it does not matter if it was designed in 2010 or 2020, the design still looks new. I can drive a single car for many years without thinking that my car is now out of date. “Timeless design” This is hard to achieve and only a few designers have successfully executed in past. CyberTruck design, though, I had to say, it is rather a trend setting or a young designer’s garage project. Elon musk once said, why an electric car has to be so ugly. Well, the current cyber truck is nearly ‘beautiful’, and promotes ‘no-feeling’. Perhaps, they paid too much attention to ‘futuristic scene’. Still admire Tesla’s bold move against traditional truck movement. But ‘being different’ should not be their design objective, to serve the purpose of being a beautiful ‘and’ strong pick up truck is. I can imagine driving a Model S in national park now and in the future. It is a challenge for me to imagine driving a clean electric Cyber Truck in a bright nature setting, instead, I can imagine these trucks in war-like zone.

very curious what other people will say about it.

Modern is not style, but the way of living.

If I was Franz, improve the profile line so that it will still belong to the rest of Tesla model series. The design is not about the future it is about how we can promote sustainable life. Our future, technology will be transparent, celebrate more natural elements meaning more greenery, adapting Biomimicry. The promo image would be more effective if they take a photo where CyberTruck drives in middle of deep natural scene. They can still project the image of ‘toughness” similar to the great work done by Syd Mead.

all credits – Syd Mead
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