Public release 2020.48.26

2020.48.26 “Holiday” Software Update Megathread

2020.48.26 and 2020.48.25 has now rolled out to more than 5% of the fleet and working its way out to more vehicles! Learn more about Tesla vehicles updates here.

Release Notes

  • This is part 1 of 2 (per Elon)
  • Release Notes Improvements
  • New Arcade Features: The Battle of Polytopia, Cat Quest, Solitaire
  • New Toybox Features: Boombox (Add audio to your external speakers + custom sounds)
  • Driving Visualization Improvements
  • Scheduled Departure Improvements
  • Emissions Testing Mode Improvements
  • Supercharger Display Improvements
  • Vehicle Information Improvements
  • pssst, more to come soon (like week or two soon), ya know, if Free Updates to your car on Christmas still makes you unhappy (my words, not Tesla’s lol)

Track your vehicle stats and see past updates:

Discover anything specific? Such as new Autopilot capabilities, changes in the overall UI, or known bugs that have been fixed, share your findings here!

Keep in mind some features may or may not be available based on your Model, Model Year, MCU Version, Autopilot Hardware Version, or Geographic Location. Please refer to the release note link for more specifics on vehicles. Your software versions may not be pushed to your car in any specific order, and are deployed in batches.

Happy holiday!

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Tesla Charging station for drummers

Tesla supercharger station. – Drive anywhere without thinking of running out of Juice

Many car brands now realized that E-Vehicle is the future. Well, when you do buy your next car, make sure to ask yourself the following quesitons.

  1. ‘does my car manufacture offer a super charging station Nationwide?’.
  2. What about Self-Drive-Capability?
  3. Is your car ‘renew’ by itself over time? – Firmware upgradable.

EV is not the future any longer. But Full-Self-Drive function is still in the future. Buying a car with the capabilities is almost the same as buying an iphone 4. Still a great phone, but no value now.

Anyone can design a car looks looks fancy. And they pay premium.

But designing an EV is no longer an issue. Continue building the entire ecosystem to help sustaining the environment is.

See ya,
: D

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