Tesla Autopilot | Artificial Intelligence (AI) Podcast

This was an insightful discussion on various aspects of Tesla Autopilot that I hope catalyzes further nuanced conversation on the future of AI-assisted driving. Starts at 2:35.

The full outline of the video is as follows:
0:00 Introduction

2:35 Start of conversation: Autopilot motivation

4:01 Display the vehicle’s perception of the driving scene

7:11 Algorithms, data, and hardware development

10:23 Edge cases and common cases in driving

12:18 Navigate on Autopilot

13:57 Hardware and software path toward fully autonomy

17:08 Driver supervision of Autopilot

20:13 Human side of Tesla Autopilot (driver functional vigilance)

23:13 Driver monitoring

24:30 Operational design domain

26:57 Securing Autopilot against adversarial machine learning

28:29 Narrow AI and artificial general intelligence

30:10 Physics view of love

31:53 First question for an artificial general intelligence system



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