Tesla Charging station for drummers

Tesla supercharger station. – Drive anywhere without thinking of running out of Juice

Many car brands now realized that E-Vehicle is the future. Well, when you do buy your next car, make sure to ask yourself the following quesitons.

  1. ‘does my car manufacture offer a super charging station Nationwide?’.
  2. What about Self-Drive-Capability?
  3. Is your car ‘renew’ by itself over time? – Firmware upgradable.

EV is not the future any longer. But Full-Self-Drive function is still in the future. Buying a car with the capabilities is almost the same as buying an iphone 4. Still a great phone, but no value now.

Anyone can design a car looks looks fancy. And they pay premium.

But designing an EV is no longer an issue. Continue building the entire ecosystem to help sustaining the environment is.

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Ship your Tesla Founder Series Powerwall

Thank you for being a Tesla ambassador and helping accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. You have earned a Tesla Founder Series Powerwall through our referral program.

Currently, Tesla does not have installation capacity in your area. Therefore, we would like to offer the option of shipping your Powerwall and Gateway to you at no cost. This option will require you to work with a licensed electrician on system design, installation, and permitting. We will also provide a $1,000 credit towards your installation, which may range from $2,500 – $4,500. You must use a Tesla-certified electrical contractor. However, if you would like to use a local electrician, we can support them by providing Tesla certification and training materials.

If you would like to have your Powerwall and supporting hardware shipped to you, please complete the questionnaire below.

[link omitted]

you can calculate how many Tesla powerpack you would like to install. here. https://www.tesla.com/support/powerwall/how-long-will-powerwall-last-in-an-outage


Feel free to use my Tesla Referral program offer.

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Model Y is almost ready!

Congratulations! Your Model Y is almost ready.To receive priority delivery, please log into your Tesla Account and provide any remaining details: 

+Delivery Location 
+Payment Method 

Once complete, we’ll schedule your Model Y for delivery when ready. We’re excited to have Model Y join your home and be a part of your transition to sustainable energy.

Welcome to the Tesla family.
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Firmware 2020 8.1

Further improvement has made especially around Voice control sector

Bug report

Still deploy the alarm when

  • Confirmed zone: Sentry mode active zone
  • Unlock a vehicle, then leave a distance once temporary while a passenger stays inside a car.
  • While a driver is away aprox 10 feet away, a passenger open a door, then alarm goes off

A vehicle should know where a driver is near by. A vehicle has once unlocked. There is no reason for a passenger to let a vehicle know they are still there.

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Firmware 2020.4.10

Voice keyboard has improved significantly.


TESLA voice control list

Climate control set to auto

Fan speed increase by 4

Fan speed decrease by 4

Set the temperature to 72

Enable heat seaters – turn on sear heating (all seats)

Disable heat seaters – turn off seat heating (all)

Enable floor vent

Bio weapon mode – not available yet (beta only)

Open globe box

Open rear / backup camera – activate the rear camera view window

Close backup camera – close the rear camera view

Open music

Open setting – open quick controls

Music setting – open music setting profile

Open driver profile setting

Open Wi-Fi setting

Map zoom in – navigation zooming in

Map zoom out – navigation zooming out

Navigation set to north – setting navigation to north direction

Call [contact name]

Text message

Turn on wiper.

Fold side mirrors – holding side mirrors

Open side mirrors

Open frunk – in Park ( not yet active)

Open truck – in park (beta only)

Open web browser – ready to search

Close web browser

Search [any music, podcast, caraoke]

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TESLA 2020 4.1 firmware

Arrived a few days ago but just installed

TESLA Voice Control command list (draft)


Climate control set to auto

Fan speed increase by 4

Fan speed decrease by 4

Set the temperature to 72

Open globe box

Open rear / backup camera

Open backup camera

Open setting – open quick controls

Music setting

Open driver profile setting

Fold side mirrors – holding side mirrors

Disable heat seaters

Enable floor vent

Bio weapon mode – not available

Open music

Turn on wiper.

Open Wi-Fi setting

More finding? Lmk

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