Tesla Autopilot | Artificial Intelligence (AI) Podcast

This was an insightful discussion on various aspects of Tesla Autopilot that I hope catalyzes further nuanced conversation on the future of AI-assisted driving. Starts at 2:35.

The full outline of the video is as follows:
0:00 Introduction

2:35 Start of conversation: Autopilot motivation

4:01 Display the vehicle’s perception of the driving scene

7:11 Algorithms, data, and hardware development

10:23 Edge cases and common cases in driving

12:18 Navigate on Autopilot

13:57 Hardware and software path toward fully autonomy

17:08 Driver supervision of Autopilot

20:13 Human side of Tesla Autopilot (driver functional vigilance)

23:13 Driver monitoring

24:30 Operational design domain

26:57 Securing Autopilot against adversarial machine learning

28:29 Narrow AI and artificial general intelligence

30:10 Physics view of love

31:53 First question for an artificial general intelligence system

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what about the Fuel cell system?

”You drive an electric car but Fuel cell powered car seems to be the answer. Have you looked into Toyota Mirai?

yes, I did. Although my choice of driving Tesla is not just considering which technology is better, I have looked at the alternatives when I switched from ICE car to the new technology.

In my option, too, Fuel cell system (hydrogen) seems to make sense until you understand how it works. But then, why a mega company like Toyota is banking on the Hydrogen cell powered vehicle?

Toyota has kicked off with Prius which is a hybrid-powered of a traditional gas engine and Lipo batteries. It was a transition from ICE to Electric and they have pretty much dominated the market 15 years ago. Unfortunately, they didn’t continue developing Prius. If they have made Prius to 100% electric today, they have taken the lead and Tesla has never established back in 10 years ago. Toyota has been investing in Fuel Cell technology so much that they can’t back out at this time. My insights informed me that the decision to go with Fuel cell system is more political than anything else.

This video below pretty much thumbs up. Hope this helps : )

See ya,

: D

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