Tesla’s plan on used batteries

I have asked by my friends often,

yeah, you drive a Tesla for the environmental reason. but you guys are using LiPo batteries which is more toxic than oil..

Reall? so you can justify continuing driving ICE car and abandon electric cars powered by Lipo battery system?

The question has been stuck in my mind for a long time. What if my friends are correct? Am I actually contributing more to the global warming effect because of my ignorant? What about Elon? I know he has been aware of this from the day 1 starting Tesla. He is not the kind of person to create the electric car revolution because he wants to make money.

so, I searched the web, contact seemingly known Tesla supporters including Brian from unofficial Tesla podcast. Ryan McCaffrey has replied to me to find out who I am, but, of course, he didn’t reply back despite multiple requests after I ask this critical question to him. In the end, they are doing this to make money and does not want to deal with the question which troubles them. Well, further research throughout the web. I found out the video explains the exact question.

It turned out, of course, there are smarter people at there have already thought about the potential issues.

In short, Lipo batteries are way more sustainable than OIL, it can be 100% recyclable and its technology has been improving dramatically. OIL is 100% usable but not recyclable, nor reusable.

And Yes, driving an electric car does justify if you are seriously considering the environmental issue. The video below will explain why…

hope this helps, my friend : ).. whew…



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