10 favorite experiences that only Tesla owners know

– Draft- 

As I am writing this article, I notice that the experiences needs to be categorized based on time line: before (BT:before Tesla) and after you take the delivery of TESLA. (AT: after Tesla)

Before Tesla- BT 3 years

After Tesla- AT

1. The sound of Acceleration 

2. Responsive door handle

3. Supercharger 

4. The sound of regenerator 

5. View through a side mirror

 Kinda hard to explain…   Tesla’ rear wheel area glamorously widened, then you see the door knob flushed with the body surface.    imo, this is the best design feature I’ve ever experienced among all vehicles drove.

6. Steering wheel 

7. Spacious space 

8. Huge central control screen 

9. Tesla apps 

10. Responsive auto adjustable height suspension system

11. Software updates = S.M.A.R.T



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