REPORT your ideas

Press & hold the audio speak button on right side of your steering wheel, then say “REPORT”

You can send a message to TESLA Motors.

Works like this..

” I wish my steering wheel will move to the ‘reset position’ every time I leave from a car so there is more space to leave from and enter to a driver seat.  Once I sit on the driver seat, it will re-position to the saved profile.  – many luxury car does it already.  Why not Tesla.. ”

  1. PRESS & HOLD “Speak button”
  2. “REPORT” – then speak your message. ” move the steering position to the most upper position when I parked and about to leave TESLA for ease of departing from the vehicle.
  3. release the speak button.  You should see the command line at a driver’s console window.  “Your message has sent” 

Note: Will TESLA motors take our notes seriously?  it is up to them.  But as Elon said, it is stupid not to listen to customer’s feedback if it is a good idea.


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