Ship your Tesla Founder Series Powerwall

Thank you for being a Tesla ambassador and helping accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. You have earned a Tesla Founder Series Powerwall through our referral program.

Currently, Tesla does not have installation capacity in your area. Therefore, we would like to offer the option of shipping your Powerwall and Gateway to you at no cost. This option will require you to work with a licensed electrician on system design, installation, and permitting. We will also provide a $1,000 credit towards your installation, which may range from $2,500 – $4,500. You must use a Tesla-certified electrical contractor. However, if you would like to use a local electrician, we can support them by providing Tesla certification and training materials.

If you would like to have your Powerwall and supporting hardware shipped to you, please complete the questionnaire below.

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you can calculate how many Tesla powerpack you would like to install. here.


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what about the Fuel cell system?

”You drive an electric car but Fuel cell powered car seems to be the answer. Have you looked into Toyota Mirai?

yes, I did. Although my choice of driving Tesla is not just considering which technology is better, I have looked at the alternatives when I switched from ICE car to the new technology.

In my option, too, Fuel cell system (hydrogen) seems to make sense until you understand how it works. But then, why a mega company like Toyota is banking on the Hydrogen cell powered vehicle?

Toyota has kicked off with Prius which is a hybrid-powered of a traditional gas engine and Lipo batteries. It was a transition from ICE to Electric and they have pretty much dominated the market 15 years ago. Unfortunately, they didn’t continue developing Prius. If they have made Prius to 100% electric today, they have taken the lead and Tesla has never established back in 10 years ago. Toyota has been investing in Fuel Cell technology so much that they can’t back out at this time. My insights informed me that the decision to go with Fuel cell system is more political than anything else.

This video below pretty much thumbs up. Hope this helps : )

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Maxwell battery technology will bring 20% + energy density

Maxell battery technology will increase by approx. 20% of from the current Tesla’s battery. In short, the current lipo battery was developed from 1970s. Still very good though, the energy density, how fast they can be charged and discharged, how many times they can be ‘cycled’, most importantly how ‘safe’ they are… are one of many determined factors to debut in the market. Yes, there are thousands of “tech companies” claim one’s battery technology can revolutionalize the industry, yet we have not seen any ‘break-through / practical solution’ in 2019 at this moment. No doubt, Tesla currently owns the #1 battery technology in the world “by far”. I am thrilled to hear that they have decided to acquire this small company in California.

What does it mean to us?

For geeks and nerds to learn about their technology, you can read the extensive report there. (pdf file).



マクセルのバッテリー技術は現在のテスラバッテリーと比較すると「20%」のパフォーマン増加。 最新技術の分野で以前のバージョン(一般常識)から20%向上することはダイアル電話からスマートフォーンが登場したようなもの。

現在のリポバッテリー(LiPo)技術は1970年代から開発されている。バッテリーが一般に使えるようになるためには、エネルギー密度、どれくらいの速さで充電および放電できるか、何回サイクルできるか、最も重要なのはそれらがどれぐらい安全であるかということを立証する必要がある。 当然、電池技術が業界に革命を起こすことができると主張する「テクノロジー企業」は何千とある。 でも、現時点2019年に「突破口/実用的な解決策」は今までまだ見たことがなかった。 Teslaは現在、世界一のバッテリー技術を「はるかに」所有していまるから、マクセル社を買収するという知らせはこの会社がもつ技術が本当であるということを証明するニュースだと思う。



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Model 3 – almost there!

California TESLA Fremont factory からLick Observatory (リック天文台)までテストドライブ。片道1時間半、合計3時間の旅。 頂上まで急な坂もあったけど、全然問題なし。。


Photos credit to Thomas Preisler






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One piece of glass 

TESLA MODEL S の外装オプションに サンルーフ一枚ガラス仕様(解放不可)が増えましたねぇ。

強化ガラス、断熱、UV protectionにて従来の安全性も維持。

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