Model X Tire size – updated

Updated: 1/21/16

What is the tire size and spec of MODEL X?

The Model X tires come in either 22” or 20”. From what I have seen the profile of the tires are listed below.

Because they are currently delivering our Signature Series Model X’s (first 1,000 to be delivered), most, if not all, are Performance models with performance tires. I am not sure if the other battery trims will feature the same type of performance tire from Pirelli, and at this time I am unable to confirm otherwise. I hope this helps!

22” tires:
265/35/R22 for the front tires and 285/35/R22 on the rear tires by Pirelli

20” tires:
265/45R20 for the front tires and 275/45/R20 on the rear tires

More info about the tire spec:

Model X のタイヤサイズは2タイプあります。22”と20インチ”のオプションにて、スペックは以下の通り。 

22” tires: (Ludicrous version) 265/35 for the front tires and 285/35 on the rear tires
22″ tires: (Standard version) 285/35 ZR on the front & rear tires
20” tires: 265/45 for the front tires and 275/45 on the rear tires 

寸法は現在デリバーが開始されたModel X  P90D, Signatureモデルのデータです。別のモデルは確認できていませんが、基本的には同じスペックだと思っていいと思います。


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